Mastering the Challenge: New GP Forms

Forms to complete before the GP starts

It is important, at least two weeks prior to the GP starting to get all the forms filled in and submitted to Medicare. Unless you need a 19AB exemption, in which case, I would start 10 weeks prior!

What Forms you need to complete for a 19AB Replacement Doctor

If you already have a 19AB position at your practice and that GP who holds that position is leaving, you can transfer this role to a new doctor- even if you don’t operate in an area of District Workforce Shortage. Even with the new rules, you can still do this!

Here are the forms you need for 19AB replacement GP:

You need a statutory declaration from the outgoing GP stating:

“I, (insert name) confirm that I am permanently moving from (insert name of city/town) from (1 September 2019) and I have no plans to return. I will no longer be practicing medicine in (this area) from (date).”

Then you need the outgoing GP to cancel their Provider Number before you submit the application.

Finally you need a letter from the Practice owner or manager to accompany this statutory declaration, Application for a Provider Number that states you would like to transfer the 19AB exemption to this new doctor. In the same letter you should explain in details WHY. For example, you are unable to service the needs of your patients without a replacement GP, you have been advertising for 6 months and unable to find a replacement.

You need to submit all these documents to Medicare and they were send your documents to the Department of Health and once it is approved, Department of Health will send it back to Medicare. Each department takes 4 weeks each so 8 weeks total.

A List of all the Forms you need to complete for a New GP

Other things to consider

  • Order Prescription Paper
  • Update your Practice list of doctors with your local PHN and State Health department (i.e. Queensland Health)
  • Register them with Med Objects or Argus
  • Update your online booking system
  • Update your website with a bio and photo
  • Add them to your Practice Policy and give them a login if it is online (i.e. Practice Hub)
  • Create a Topbar login for them

Have I forgotten any forms? Let me know in the description below!


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