Has your practice completed the new mandatory Yellow Fever training?

From 26 November 2018, all medical practitioners and nurse practitioners prescribing the yellow fever vaccine are required to successfully complete the online Yellow Fever Vaccination Course.

When must the training be completed?

For health professionals currently prescribing Yellow Fever you have until 26 November 2021. However all new prescribers must complete the training first.

Where can I find the training?

The course is available at the ACRMM website, however you do not need to be an ACRMM member to access this.

Who do I need to notify once I have completed the training?

A copy of your completion certificate should be provided to the Yellow Fever accreditated practice where you are working.  The Practice will then submit your completion certificate to relevant state/territory health authority.

Further information

World Health Organisation – Yellow Fever

Department of Health (Australia) – Yellow Fever Training Requirements

Accredited Yellow Fever Practices in Queensland


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